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The Corps' non public funds are administered by the Corps Secretariat in Whale Island and have Charitable status. Corps Funds have three main sources of income:

a. Corps subscriptions and investment dividends.
b. Bank interest.
c. Donations and Legacies.

The aims of the various Corps Funds are detailed below:

The Royal Marines Benevolent Fund
The principal purpose of the fund is to benefit persons who are serving or who have served in the Royal Marines, or their dependants, to relieve need, hardship or distress. The fund was formed in 1997 and subsumed the following funds and their purposes:

a. The Upton Kelly Memorial Fund. The aim of the fund is to relieve distress or necessity amongst officers who have served in the Royal Marines and their dependants.
b. Royal Marines Tercentenary Relief Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to provide on the death from any causes either serving Royal Marines or a Reservist on duty a sum of money for the widow or recorded next of kin and thus relieve the initial financial problems. The sum of money authorised may be altered from time to time by the Trustees, the grant is currently £2,450.
c. Royal Marines Welfare Fund. The income to this fund may be used to relieve distress among serving and retired Warrant Officers, non commissioned officers and men of the Royal Marines, their widows and dependants.
d. Royal Marines Band Benevolent Fund (RMBBF). The RMBBF is used to relieve needy or distressed or retired RM Band Service ranks or their dependants by making case grants. The income is derived from donations, dividends and interest.

Daily Telegraph Fund
Its purpose is to relieve distress and purchase Welfare Amenities for units serving in Northern Ireland.

The Royal Marines Consolidated Fund
Its purpose is to benefit Royal Marines of all ranks in any manner which, in the opinion of the Trustees, will increase the efficiency of the Royal Marines. This Fund has now been integrated into the 1939 War Fund (see para 4 below)

1939 War Fund
The Deed of Trust allows this fund to be used for:
a. Maintaining and increasing the efficiency and esprit-de-Corps of the Royal Marines.
b. The relief of distress for past and present members of the Corps and their relatives and dependants.
c. Making grants to other charities which may directly or indirectly assist members of the Corps

Royal Marines Prizes and Awards Fund
The object of the charity is to further the promotion of military efficiency in the Royal Marines by the award of prizes (or other suitable rewards or marks of distinction). 'I'he Trustees may give a prize the name of a former benefactor or any other name, for example The Bruce Lumsden Prize (NCOs), Hudsons Prize (Offrs), Parkinson Cumine Memorial Prize Fund (Expeditions), 3 Cdo Bde Fund, Maxwell Craig Fund (DL courses)

Royal Marines Officers Trust Fund (RMOTF)
Its purposes are to:
a. Support official entertainment.
b. Purchase and upkeep of Corps Property.
c. Promote the physical efficiency of officers in the Corps by encouraging games and sports.
d. Assist in meeting the cost of publication of the Globe and Laurel or any other official Corps Journal.
e. Making grants in support of Officers Messes

Royal Marines Central Officers Mess Fund (COMF)

Its purpose was to assist Officers Messes in the Corps. As their assistance was duplicated by the RMOTF (above) the assistance is now restricted to the provision of fine wines and vintage port. The assets being entirely wine stock, held in the Corps Cellars at Eastney

Royal Marines Central Sergeants Mess Fund (CSMF)

Its income is used for the benefit of Warrant Officers and SNCOs of the Corps and pays their share of centrally funded items i.e. Globe and Laurel, RMSA, RMRA, plus any other item placed before the Trustees

Royal Marines Central Unit Institute Fund (CUIF)

Its income is used for the benefit of JNCOs and Marines of the Corps and pays for their share centrally funded items and other items placed before the Trustees

Roval Marines Central Band Fund (RMCBF)
The RMCBF was formed in 1951 from funds of Chatham Divisional Band. Its income is derived from interest, dividends and donations, and is used for providing instruments and other musical equipment not avaiiable from Service sources for RM bands

Royal Marines Reserve 50th Anniversary Relief Fund (RMRFRF)
The RMRFRF was formed in 1998 with an initial grant from the RM Benevolent Fund. Its object is to relieve the need, distress or hardship of serving or retired members of the RMR, or their widows, dependants or immediate close family, as a result of death, disability or other tragic circumstances; these circumstances will normally be in part or wholly attributable to Crown Service.
For any further information or advice please do not hesitate to contact:

RM Assistant Corps Secretary
Whale Island
Hampshire P02 8ER
Telephone (023) 9254 7201
e-mail: [email protected]


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