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One of the highlights in many people's calendars is the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music. The event has gone from strength to strength over the last quarter of a century and has been a wonderful showpiece for the Royal Marines Band Service.

It is easy to apply for tickets for the Festival. We would encourage anyone who is interested in receiving tickets to ensure that their name is on our mailing list. This does not guarantee a ticket but does mean that you will receive all the relevant details in regard to seat prices and methods of payment, and more importantly the date the ticket office will open. Applications are not accepted before this date. If you are interested in placing your name and address on the mailing list, the office details are included at the end of this article.

As mentioned earlier, demand for tickets is ever increasing, in particular for boxes and stalls on Friday and Saturday evening. It is not unusual for all the boxes and stalls to be sold out in 2 or 3 days, and yet when people enter the Royal Albert Hall there arc empty seats near them. These are the seats owned by Members of the Corporation of the Royal Albert Hall and are similar to debenture seats. When the Royal Albert Hall was built in 1871, approximately 1,300 seats were sold in order to raise the money to complete the building. In return, those who bought the seats(Members of the Corporation) are entitled to attend, without charge, all events at the Hall which are the subject of an Ordinary License (Letting Agreement). The Royal Albert Hall has approximately 5,100 seats, however, by removing the Members seats we are left with 3,700 to sell. Please remember that all the Members seats are stalls or boxes. We are very lucky that some Members do return their tickets to us for resale for which we are most grateful, but this still leaves us with a shortfall against demand.

During the box office opening week we often have large quantities of mail per day to deal with and this invariably leads to a backlog in processing applications. Nonetheless, we strictly enforce a policy of "first come first served".

The Mountbatten Festival of Music staff will always offer the customer the very best seats available at that time. We hope this background information is helpful to the readers of this site.

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