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Soon, you will be a civilian. It matters little that you were Colonel or Corporal, Major or Marine, what your age, experience or seniority. Most of you will need to find employment in order to support your families, meet your commitments and remain effective members of society.
The following notes will serve as a guide as you leave the Service. They should be used in conjunction with and endorse the briefing you receive from your unit ERO at the 1st line of Resettlement, from RMRIO or other NRIOs at 2nd line or from the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) at 3rd line.

Below you will find various guideline categories with brief descriptions, to access the full article click on each categories full details link:

Details of resettlement timings with regards to preperation and planning of resettlement activities.
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Eligibility or Entitlement?
Brief explanation on how resettlement is an eligibility not an entitlement.
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The Facts of life
Discussion on the facts on leaving the service into civilian life, covers such things as the culture shock and transferable skills.
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Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) & warrant entitlement
This covers how much time you are entitled to for resettlement training purposes and what warrants are included.
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Individual Resettlement Training Costs Grant (IRTC)
This covers what costs you will be able to claim for resettlement based on a grant and subsistence allowances.
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Standard Learning Credit (SLC)
This covers what funds you can claim toward resettlement from the education grants.
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The Career Transition Partnership (CTP)
Detailed description on the Career Transition Partnership formed between the MOD and civilian company COUTTS to provide help with the career path to civilian life.
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Service-Linked Associations and Organisations
Associations and Organisations that could help you on leaving the service such as the British Legion.
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Outside Agencies
Outside agencies information which will help with leaving the service and finding civilian employment.
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Miscellaneous Points
Other points such as medical discharge and early release are covered here.
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Other Finance
Covers Enhanced Learning Credits and pay and pensions information.
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Royal Marines Reserve
Description on how to stay involved with service life through the RMR whilst in civilian life.
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